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The best programs to process photos in RAW

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The best programs to process photos in RAW

These programs for process RAW They are ideal if you don’t want to lose quality in your images, but you also don’t want to go crazy processing the photos.

The RAW format is known for being the format that does not lose any quality in a photo. Absolutely all the information captured by the camera is stored in the RAW. It also allows you to change almost any parameter of the photo after taking it.

The biggest drawback of RAW photos is that many times it is difficult to process them and you need specific programs. These are some of the best programs to process RAW and leave the photos exactly how you want.

RAW Therapee

RAW Therapee is a program to process RAW that boasts of hardly losing quality in the processing thanks to its algorithms. It supports the format of the cameras of the majority of manufacturers and allows saving in JPEG, PNG or TIFF of 8 and 16 bits. Of course, with RAW Therapee you can change the exposure and hue settings.

RAW Therapee is open source and you can download it here for Windows or Mac.


Darktable is a program that, in addition to process RAW, includes many other photo editing functions. Bet on being a complete photography work suite, in which you can process your RAWs, edit the photos and then export them in the format you want or even upload them directly to Flickr.

The program is available for macOS, Linux and other Unix based systems like FreeBSD and Solaris. You can download it here or get the codes to install it from the terminal.


Photoflow is a RAW processor It stands out for its wide possibilities when editing, including brightness, sharpness, exposure, color space conversion and cutouts. In addition, the program has support for plugins, so that various functions can be added from third-party developments.

Photoflow is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and you can download it here. is a RAWs processing tool that has the particularity of working on the web. If you don’t want to install anything to process your photos, this is probably the best option. It is also by far the easiest program to use on this list.

It costs, that is, $ 1.99 a month, although it has a free demo.


RawDigger is a program that allows you to study in detail all the information stored in a RAW. It is not a RAW processor as such, but is a program focused on the study of images, to process and edit them later in another program. The data is represented both visually on the photo and in graphics and numbers.

RawDigger is available for macOS and Windows and you can download it for 17.99 here.