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The best programs to create panoramas with your photos

The best programs to create panoramas with your photos

The best programs to create panoramas with your photos

These are the best programs for create panoramas from several images taken from a single point.

Although most times slightly more square formats are best for taking a photograph, on other occasions it is better to have wider images, to have a broader and more general view from somewhere. Depending on what situations, the panoramic format is very impressive.

The problem is that the cameras usually take much less wide photos, and to make a panorama you have to lose resolution on high or use some native panoramic mode that does not usually work very well. So the best solution is take several photos from the same point and then put them together with any of these programs to create panoramas.

Image Composite Editor

Image Composite Editor is a Microsoft program for creating panoramas combines ease of use and good results. To create a panorama, all you have to do is select the photos you want to join, frame it if necessary, crop it and export it.

The program quickly guides you through the different steps and finally allows you save the image in the format you want. It is important, that s, that you remember to change the quality to 100 when you save the image, because otherwise you will be losing quality in your photo.

Download here Image Composite Editor

Google Photos

The artificial intelligence work behind Google Photos is incredible. Among all the automatic work that AI does scanning your photos to detect elements and people, create montages and others, Google Photos also automatically detects the photos you have taken from the same point and automatically creates a panorama.

Obviously you don’t have as many options as the other programs on this list, but it has the advantage that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just take your photos, that the editing work is already done alone.


Autostitch is a very easy to use program and with enough options, although the final result is improvable. The only thing you have to do to create a panorama with Autostitch is to select the folder icon that is in the application, select the images you want to join and in a moment you have your photo.

Make sure also of take a look at the settings of the application, since you can change things like the resolution of the obtained panoramas, the quality or the weight limit of the created files.

Download Autostitch here


Hugin is a panorama creation software that it is much closer to the advanced photography segment or even professional. It allows you to join images taken from different cameras, join several images to create a greater perspective both in width and height and create 360 ​​panoramas.

The program allows you to align the images by yourself and then manually correct errors it detects automatically. The program is by far the most difficult to use and the most time consuming to create an image, but the result obtained is also the best by far.

Download Hugin here


Finally, Dermandar is a great solution for all those who want to create a panorama at a certain time, but who are not going to do it again in a long time and do not want to install an application on their computer. Dermandar is a website that allows you to create panoramas in a few clicks.

The experience is not as complete and personalized as in the other programs on the list (with the exception of Google Photos, of course), but the result is excellent. Without at doubt it is the best option for anyone who doesn’t want to waste a lot of time but want a good result.