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The best options to personalize Tweetdeck, the Twitter client

The best options to personalize Tweetdeck, the Twitter client

The best options to personalize Tweetdeck, the Twitter client

If your preferred client for Twitter is Tweetdeck, then you should know these options to customize it.

You remembered what you spent the time you now use checking the timeline of Twitter? The social network is already much more than that. You can use it to make RT to kitty GIFs or to stay informed of the current moment.

Twitter has been improving the social network adding more and more functions and content so we can enrich our tweets, but of course, there are always things that can be improved.

Options to improve Tweetdeck, the official Twitter client

This is how the third-party clients for Twitter, applications and programs from which we can use the social network, with a different aspect to the original and with more or less extra functions. We know many applications of this type,clients for Android, iOS and, of course, for the computer.

Twitter bought Tweetdeck A few years ago and for many (among which I include myself) it has become the way to use Twitter, without stepping on the web version from the computer practically for nothing, except for a few occasions (such as uploading a video or tagging users in a photo).

A few weeks ago Twitter announced that it will kill the desktop applications of Tweetdeck. Easy, we will continue to be able to use the web version from any browser. And if not, you can always choose one of these Windows clients.

If those still don’t convince you, and you also use Chrome, there is another option: give Tweetdeck a new look with these extensions that improve it.

BetterTweetDeck, improve Tweetdeck layout, add emojis and more

This is one of my favorites, this Chrome extension, which was updated to version 2.0 at the end of December, gives a more refined touch to Tweetdeck, but not only on an aesthetic level.

It is also integrated in the share menu, adds a dedicated button to include emojis in our messages from the computer, allows personalize interface details and also gives us previews and thumbnails for many well-known services, avoiding having to open a new tab to see what it is about.

Totally free in Chrome Web Store

Tweeten, the great hope for Tweetdeck

However, despite being a regular user of the previous one, a few days ago I discovered Tweeten,a new alternative to give a facelift to Tweetdeck and also a lot more versatile than the previous.

Verstil because Tweeten works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, Edge and Firefox (some are in beta version and may be somewhat unstable until the final version is reached). Tweeten wants to give you a better experience with Tweetdeck attacking its main weak point: aesthetics.

This program / extension adds a much more modern design and renovated to Tweetdeck, something that we have been asking Twitter for years, without response.

If you use Chrome you can download it from the Web Store

On their official website are all the Tweeten versions for Tweetdeck

What is your favorite Twitter client on PC?