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The best online educational tools of 2013

The best online educational tools of 2013

C4LPT (Center for Learning & Performance Technologies) has shared a new edition of the results of its annual survey on the 100 best tools for Learning.

A list that takes into account both those tools that contribute to the development and training of the teacher and those that directly influence the way of teaching delivery. This initiative led by Jane Hart can be an interesting guide to consider when implementing new educational resources and tools. Taking a tour of the top spots:

1. Twitter for the fourth consecutive year continues to rank among educators’ favorite tools. Due to its simplicity and level of interaction, it allows combining different educational initiatives. We can see some examples in Using Twitter in the academic world.2. Google Drive combines multiple tools and options that make it one of the ideal online services for working with educational projects. And if we look for similar options, we will also find SkyDrive in the list.

3. YouTube is not only an interesting source of videos that we can use as part of our study plan, but it also has options that allow us to enhance its use, such as its editor, as well as the integration of different plugins such as that we have already commented.

4. Google can be a powerful tool if we use its multiple search functions and we know some shortcuts and tricks that can lead us to the information we are looking for, like the ones we have shared in this article.

5.Power Point has been chosen as one of the first options when creating and sharing presentations. But other presentation tools like Prezi and Slideshare have also been included.

They have also been mentioned in the list healing tools such as Pinterest,, Flipboard, Zite, Storify. In addition to Google, Wikipedia and Google Scholar are the favorite options among search and research tools.

On the other hand, online education platforms and the like have also had their place in this compilation, such as Coursera, Edmodo, Moodle, KhanAcademy. If we seek personal organization tools, we find Evernote, OneNote. Between the blogging platforms We have Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Hangouts, Skype, GoToMeeting are some of the options presented inonline meeting tools and related activities. And of course, in addition to Twitter that we have mentioned, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are among the selected social networks.

We can see the rest of the online tools used for educational purposes, in the presentation that is shared on C4LPT. And we can also consult the selection of the 50 best online tools for teachers that we shared in a previous article.

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