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The best extensions for Microsoft Edge

The best extensions for Microsoft Edge

The best extensions for Microsoft Edge

We review the best extensions for Edge, the Windows 10 browser that finally catches up with the rest.

The Anniversary Update of Windows 10 brings several news that we have been waiting for a while, but perhaps the one that has been most requested is the support of extensions in the Microsoft browser.

It sounds strange that, as important as extensions have been for the triumph of Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft developers would not have released Edge with serial support for these additions, but they probably preferred to focus on other aspects of the browser rather than opening the development to third parties.

How to install the best extensions for Edge

However, Edge couldn’t survive much longer without extensions. As of today they are a basic thing in any self-respecting browser, and the good news is that if you have already installed the Anniversary Update (and if you have not, what are you waiting for), Now you can use the new Edge extensions.

Getting extensions for Edge is very simple, we just have to open the menu and access Extensions; Here we will find the extensions that we already have installed, and a link to the Windows Store where we can get more. Every time you install a new extension, you can see what permissions it is asking for.

Here’s a look at some of the best extensions you can get for Edge now.

Save to Pocket

If you are like me and are constantly saving articles from the network to read later, this extension may be the most useful of all. Using the Pocket service we can save the page that we are visiting simply by pressing the button.

Translator for Microsoft Edge

Although today’s translators still have a lot to improve (especially Bing’s), it always helps to have one on hand like this extension.


What can we say about Lastpass, the most popular password manager. Although Edge will save our passwords and associate them with our account if we want, if we use several browsers at the same time, this extension can be useful for us.


If you use Office 365 this extension will be of great help to start new documents immediately, or access your OneDrive files directly from the browser.

Mouse movements

This extension adds gestures to our browser that we can activate by holding down the right mouse button; for example, we can close the tab or navigate to the previous page.

Page Analyzer

If you are a web developer, this extension will help you discover which parts of your page need improvement in terms of browser compatibility and performance.

Reddit Enhancement Suite

The almost mandatory extension for reddit users has also come to Edge and continues to allow us to customize the navigation and use of one of the most popular websites on the market.

OneNote Web Clipper and Evernote Web Clipper

These two extensions offer practically the same thing, saving the pages we visit with annotations that we can then share. Choose one or the other depending on the service you prefer.

Adblock and Adblock Plus

The ad blocking extensions could not be missing, and in this case we are probably before the best known.

What is the future of Edge extensions

At the moment those are the main extensions available for Edge. There are not many, just a tiny part of the huge number of extensions available for Chrome and Firefox.

But in favor of Microsoft it must be said that it seems that it is making things easy for developers, and instead of closing its platform (as Microsoft would have done in the past), You have opened it making it easy to import Chrome extensions.

So it shouldn’t surprise you if from now on you see that many Chrome extensions receive a version for Edge, which looks very good for the future of the browser. But will it be enough for users to consider the jump?