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The best Excel tricks to be more productive

The best Excel tricks to be more productive

The best Excel tricks to be more productive

With these tricks for excel You can be more productive than ever with Microsoft’s spreadsheet and simplify your work.

Excel is without a doubt the spreadsheet that offers the most possibilities in the entire office software. If it can be done in some program, it can be done in Excel. But many times users do not want to do complex things, but simple things quickly.

In that sense, it may seem like the Microsft program is slacking at times and wasting too much time. However, thanks to these simple tricks for Excel you can get to be much more productive and finish your job much faster.

Use templates

A very simple trick but at the same time very effective. If you don’t want to waste time setting up a spreadsheet yourself before entering the data, you can simply use a template that offers you part of the work already done.

In the template store you can find everything from calendars to invoice sheets and quotes. And if you want a selection of very good templates, this one from Vertex42 will be very useful.

Freezes rows and columns

If you work with large spreadsheets, you have probably found yourself multiple times constantly going up and down the blade to check that you are in the correct column or to consult some data.

Luckily, there is a very good and very simple solution to that problem. You can leave the first row fixed on the screen, the first column, or a series of boxes that you select. For this you have to navigate to the menuViewand select what you want to block in the drop-down menu ofImmobilize. Once this is done, you can freely navigate the sheet without losing sight of the selected boxes.

Convert columns to rows (and vice versa)

If you’ve ever wanted to change a sheet’s settings so that the row information appears in columns and the column information appears in rows, it must have taken you a while to do it manually. However, there is a much faster way of turning the columns and rows.

You just have to select the rows and columns that you want to turn around, give it to copy (or directly to cut to eliminate the previous configuration), and then in paste options selectTranspose.

Use the built-in calculator

Although it is sometimes more convenient to use a separate calculator application or have a physical calculator, to make quick calculations, there is nothing easier than use the built-in calculator in Excel. To include it in the upper left toolbar, just go toFile> Options> Quick Access Toolbarand add the toolCalculate now.

Keyboard shortcuts

Of all the Excel tricks on this list, this is probably the best one. Okay, everyone knows that keyboard shortcuts exist, but most people are unaware of all the game they can get out of Excel. These are some of the best keyboard shortcuts for Excel:

  • F4: Repeat the last action performed.
  • Ctrl + W to close a sheet and Ctrl + O to open it.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Colon to insert the current time in a box.
  • Alt + A to open the File tab.
  • Alt + O to open the Home tab.
  • Alt + B to open the Insert tab.
  • Alt + C to open the Design tab.
  • Alt + O, E, E to center the content of a cell.
  • Alt + O, M, H, L to remove a column.

Here you can check the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Excel.

And you, what tricks for Excel do you use to be more productive?