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The best completely anonymous browsers

The best completely anonymous browsers

The best completely anonymous browsers

With these anonymous browsers You can move around the web without anyone violating your privacy. Everything is completely secret.

We live in the age of permanent espionage. The time when companies, and sometimes governments, collect data from millions about us. You can find out anything about us, whenever you want. From what pages we visit to who we talk to, what we say, where we are or where we spend our money.

Taking care of security and privacy on the Internet is increasingly important. And one of the best ways to protect yourself against tracking is to use an anonymous browser. Because simply changing your browser from time to time is no longer valid. These are the best anonymous browsers.

Tor Browser

Although it is mainly known for this, Tor is more than just the browser that people use to enter thedeep web. Tor Browser is also one of the best browsers when it comes to privacy protection (and in fact, that’s why it’s used to enter thedeep web).

The browser is great at avoiding tracing since all traffic goes through a route of intermediary servers. While most browsers are limited to encrypt the traffic but leave metadata accessible as the recipient and the sender of the traffic. Thanks to the path Tor Browser creates going through multiple servers, it is impossible to locate the original traffic IP. This is how they get completely anonymous navigation.

To give us an idea of ​​how secure Tor is, suffice it to say that it is the browser used by the US Navy. Otherwise, it works in a very similar way to Firefox, since it is based on it.

Tor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux here

Epic browser

Epic Browser is basically a browser that integrates most of the privacy plugins that a browser needs. Does not save your history, does not allow third parties to storecookies in the browser, it blocks trackers, it does not auto-fill forms and allows you to connect through aproxywith a single click.

Epic Browser is Chromium based and available here for Windows and Mac

SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is basically a Chrome more committed to privacy. Based on Chromium and with very few modifications from the original. It just removes some of Google’s disrespectful privacy practices.

Among other things, it eliminates the famous suggestions in the address bar since, for these to exist, Google receives absolutely all the searches and addresses that you enter. It also removes a URL crawler that Chrome includes.

SRWare Iron is available for Windows, Mac and Linux here

Comfortable Dragon Browser

Like Epic Browser, Comodo Dragon is a browser that includes several functions to allow anonymous browsing. Blockscookiesand crawlers, it has a pre-installed antivirus and a secure URL certifier.

Comfortable Dragon Browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux here

Among all these browsers, if privacy is really your only priority, you should choose Tor Brwoser. Today there is no rival in the market to your system to avoid being tracked, but this also leads to slower browsing. Any of the other browsers is also an interesting option when it comes to privacy, while also approaching a better user experience.