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The best applications to learn languages ​​with your smartphone

The best applications to learn languages ​​with your smartphone

The best applications to learn languages ​​with your smartphone

Learn languages it’s getting easier thanks to the internet. These are the best apps to learn languages ​​on the mobile, when and where you want.

Thanks to the Internet, learning is more accessible today than ever. A teacher is no longer essential; Anyone can access all kinds of information and learn without going to class. Also, thanks to thesmartphonesThis possibility of learning through the Internet has reached everywhere. Now you can learn when and where you want.

One of the learning fields in which this is most interesting is in languages. The fact of being able to learn and practice a language in any free time can be incredibly useful, since up to 5 free minutes can go a long way when it comes to studying languages. These are the best apps to learn languages ​​on your mobile.


One of the best apps to learn languages, available both for iOS and Android like on the web. Thanks to a quick review system and 15-minute classes, you can take the opportunity to learn a little even while waiting for the bus. With Babbel you can learn English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Russian, Danish and Norwegian.

Babbel’s courses cost 9.95 a month or 59.40 a year.

  • Babel on Google Play for Android
  • Download Babbel on iOS

ATi Studios

ATi Studios is an iOS and Android app development studio for learning languages. They have a specific app for each language to learn, although the design and the system of the courses are very similar. There are more than 20 languages ​​available And the courses are free, although they are only intended to acquire a basic level in each language.

  • ATi Studios on Google Play
  • ATi Studios on the App Store


Busuu is an app for learning languages ​​with a clear premise: learn a language by dedicating 10 minutes a day. The app is designed for anyone who has very little time and wants to learn a language in small gaps free. In total, there is 22-hour media in each language, and the subscription costs 9.99 a month or 69.99 a year.

Busuu allows you to study French, Italian, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Lemn, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese.

  • Busuu on Google Play
  • Busuu on the App Store


Probably the app to learn languages best known on the market. It allows you to learn grammatical structures and vocabulary through small games and has 34-hour courses per language. You can learn English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. In addition, all courses are completely free.

  • Duolingo for Android
  • Duolingo on the App Store


Memrise is an app to learn languages ​​with a free and premium versionThe free version has the basic courses, to check if you like the Memrise methodology and the language. If you want to continue studying the language you will have to pay the subscription of 8.99 per month. Memrise’s learning approach is based on a game in which you are a Spaniard and you have to use a foreign language to go unnoticed.

With Memrise you can learn French, German, English, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Italian.

  • Memrise on Google Play
  • Memrisa on the App Store