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The best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

The best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

The best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has become the representation of computer montage editing, but there is life beyond Adobe: we present you the best alternatives to Photoshop that you can use.

Not everyone can afford the price of buying or subscribing to Photoshop, and not everyone wants to use Adobe’s image-editing program: there is a competition ready to meet where Photoshop doesn’t go, although it is somewhat hidden. We want to help you discover what those Alternatives to Photoshop that you can take advantage of to edit photosSo here you have a nice list with several options.

Affinity Photo

Selected by Apple as one of the best Mac apps of 2015, Serif makes Photoshop excellent with Affinity Photo– A tool-packed program specialized in RAW photo editing. All adjustments are made in real time, it supports a large number of files and can be worked in any color space.

  • Affinity Photo | Available for Mac for 49.99, free trial available


Pixelmator is also aexclusive application from the Apple world, and it is another of the great competences to Photoshop: a multitude of tools to edit photos, perform touch-ups or paint from scratch, among many other options. It is also fully integrated with the Apple ecosystem, including options such as saving to iCloud or integrating with Automator.

  • Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon | Available for Mac for 29.99, free trial available


Flying Meat has not been left out of the battle, and have bet on an editor that can handle everyone: Acorn has different options that stand out for the complication involved in using them. It is available both on the Mac App Store and on its website, although the version they distribute themselves has minor improvements.

  • Acorn 5 | Available for Mac for 29.99, free trial available


Mylio entered the competition relatively recently, but that hasn’t stopped him from positioning himself as a very powerful tool when it comes to photography. His strength is the organization from our photo library, but it also has some photo editing tools that can help us make a perfect photo.

  • Mylio | Available on Mac, iPhone / iPad, Windows and Android

Corel PaintShop

Surely the name of Corel sounds familiar to many, and some may already know PaintShop Pro: a company tool for Windows specialized in photo editing, with a good amount of creative effects and a photo processor made for all public. It is priced high compared to its competition, but It may be the intermediate point you are looking for.

  • Corel PaintShop Pro | Available for Windows for 79.99, free trial available

Pixlr Editor

If you don’t want Photoshop because you don’t want to install anything, and you’re looking a web application that helps you get out of trouble, Pixlr Editor from Autodesk can serve you perfectly for the occasion: a web interface with tools that we are already used to, including elements such as filters or the histogram. The only thing we can blame you for is that it is built in Flash.

  • Pixlr Editor | Available as a free web application


Finally we bring you a whole classic of the competition, open source and standard-bearer of systems like Linux: GIMP has been around for a long time, and although its way of working is much more rudimentary than Photoshop, it can be used to make small edits . We repeat, in GIMP you will not find something to match Photoshop, but work for users interested in doing little things.

  • GIMP | Available free for Windows, Mac and Linux