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The application that will prevent your Mac from being hijacked

The application that will prevent your Mac from being hijacked

Ransomware history: from Cryptolocker to WannaCry

The ransomware It is fashionable and unfortunately no one is completely safe from this practice, not even Mac users. RansomWhere is a free tool that monitors your computer.

Does the word ransomware ring a bell? Unfortunately this kind of malware It is more and more frequent and therefore more than ever we must pay attention to what is downloaded and, above all, from where we are downloading it.

Ransomware is malicious software that is characterized by being able to restrict access to files, encrypt documents or prevent the use of certain functions of the operating system and, to regain control they ask us for a ransom. A kidnapping brought into digital life.

Block hijacking attempts on your computer


Yes, ransomware can also affect macOS, Apple’s desktop system, and for sample we only have to remember the case of a few months ago in which the famous torrent download program Transmission was involved. On that occasion, the application code was affected by malware that was activated 3 days after installing the application, encrypting the computer’s hard drive and requesting a payment to decipher everything.

If you have a Mac and want to protect yourself from these threats, RansomWhere It is a simple utility that has just that task: to be in charge of monitoring the system to identify unusual processes and behaviors, stopping those that may be dangerous for the user.

RansomWhere is totally free and stays in the background by scanning system processes, if it detects that files have started to be encrypted block the process and ask the user if they want to end it, or if it is a false positive and we know what is happening, so they can allow the process and continue normally.

RansomWhere blocks processes on Mac to prevent them from encrypting your files

It also has limitations, and that is that it is a reactive application and therefore it has the limitation that just when the ransomware is blocked it is possible that it has encrypted a few files, but at least we will have avoided a greater disaster. Nor should we worry about the consumption of resources of this application, its creators assure that once it is put into monitoring mode the effect on performance is minimal (0.1% use of the computer processor).

RansomWhere official website

You can download the application for free from the website above, which also explains in detail how it works and other questions that may arise. If you are a user of Windows looking for a solution against ransomwareTake a look at this other article: