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The application that reinvents zoom to make it viral

The application that reinvents zoom to make it viral

The application that reinvents zoom to make it viral

OOO is the last camera application that reaches mobile devices to create funny videos that will end up flooding social networks.

Viral publications appear on the Internet almost daily, by their very definition reaching thousands, millions of people around the world. Social networks play a key role and something as simple as Snapchat filters can end up being one of the keys to your success.

Now what rules is the audiovisual content and under the name of OOO comes a new application that allows play to the max with the zoom from the cell phone camera to create videos of all kinds with music included.

ooo, the new application to create stream videos


ooo comes precisely from z-ooo-m and its creators seek to turn the camera of smartphones into a toy, literally. Why do you have to limit yourself to a specific digital zoom? OOO has no zoom limit, you can zoom as much as you want, a feature we’ve also seen previously on Snapchat.

That is, do not confuse OOO with Snapchat, this new app is not a social network, it is simply a camera app to create videos funny (and viral?). The key is that ooo allows you to control in detail the zoom level and the speed at which it is applied.

The key is in the zoom

That is, it can be expanded during a video simply sliding your finger, but also take advantage of 3D Touch capabilities On compatible iPhones, at higher or lower pressure on the screen, the zoom is applied more or less quickly. Lastly you also have the option to set a zoom level and by holding down the interface button you will get to a smooth and constant transition.

As you are imagining, do digital zoom butt in a scene is not very attractive, but the icing on the cake is to add to the video some of the Built-in songs created exclusively by ooo development team. The result is seen in the video on these lines.

Bullshit or next viral app? Who knows, this is the Internet. At the moment you can download ooo On iOS, it is totally free from the App Store and does not require a user account or anything, just install and start recording.