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The App Date premieres at HUB Madrid

The App Date premieres at HUB Madrid

The App Date, the first connection space on applications that will be held every last Monday of the month, has already held its first meeting point at the forefront of application development

Scar Hormigos, CEO of Wake App, organizers of The App Date, comments:

The feeling we have is that in The App Date we have met many people who share the same idea: that this has changed again and that we are in a revolutionary moment. For this reason, as in the 90s, this type of meeting space will be very necessary. […] In the 1990s, two million people had access to the Internet, now there are 4,600 million mobile phones, 100 million of which are iPhone and 300,000 applications have already been created. This opens up a huge space for development on which we can create, think and train together here.

After the presentation, Aitor Grandes, CEO of 24symbols, and Sixto Arias, managing director of Mobtext (Habas digital), became the first speakers of The App Date.

Aitor Grandes

With a business model similar to Spotify, 24Symbols offer the ability to read for free with non-intrusive ads, acquire a Premium account or buy the book on paper seeking publishers as partners.

Publishing companies are going to be convinced of the project by the market, in five years the penetration of tablets and eBooks in Spain will be brutal. That is why you have to arrive first.

Sixto Arias

Sixto Arias, for his part, described the growing role of applications with the journey of any given day.

Apps enter our lives out of selfishness, because we save money and time […] stop luring us with a phone and offer us custom apps, for example a doctor or teacher app kit

After the presentations, The App Date collected the favorite applications of the public through photographic and audiovisual portraits. The photographs, an impressive visual work by Daniel Torrell, can be downloaded from the Facebook page, and the video, prepared by Alberto Triano, will be available to view soon on The App Date site.

The next appointment with The App Date will be November 29 and registration is now open.