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The 7 worst superheroes you can throw at your face

The 7 worst superheroes you can throw at your face

The 7 worst superheroes you can throw at your face

Not everyone can be Superman, the worst superheroes also have a right to exist, right?

The genre of superheroes is close to turning a century, and in all this time the writers have had time to create all kinds of characters, some very original, others mere copies of others more famous. But what all the few and all publishers have in common are some characters who will not be invited to the next Avengers or Justice League meeting.

Below we are going to review some of the worst superheroes of all the few, characters that one wonders how they could have received the approval of the editors.


Dog Welder can be translated as a dog welder, and sorry, I just created a very disturbing mental image for you. Worst of all, the real character is just as disturbing; his power consists of capturing and killing stray dogs and welding them to their faces of his villain victims, all without saying a single word. As I tell you.

So DogWelder goes around with a welder and a bag full of dead dogsYes, with Section 8, his own team of superheroes to which other beings belong are as absurd as Six Pack, a fat drunk, and Bueno Excelente, a pervert.

Yes, it is clear that Dogwelder and his friends are a great joke, but we cannot forget that they have appeared in comics with Batman. Although that’s not saying much, even Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are comics with Batman, and they’re from a different publisher.

Perry White, compulsive smoker

You may recognize Perry White as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, the newspaper Clark Kent works on when he’s not busy saving the world as Superman. White’s role was always clear, acting as Clark and Lois Lane’s boss.

Of course, it’s impossible to be a minor character in Superman and not get extraordinary powers on occasion. The only problem is that in the case of Perry White his powers come from smoking like a Cossack, as recounted in number 376 of Superman.

After being attacked by a villain, Perry White lies in the hospital within minutes of his death. When Superman arrives to comfort him, White asks for a cigarette as a last will, and Superman agrees because we are in the early ’80s.

But as soon as White takes a puff (still hooked up to the oxygen machine, eye), his body receives extraordinary powers equivalent to those of Superman himself. And it turns out that the cigar was a super-cigar, a gift from some aliens years ago.

From here is the story of always, Perry and Superman work together to capture the bad guys and when it all ends,your body returns to normal, fully healed and waiting for Clark’s next article. So you know, children, a cigarette in time can save your life.


If the first thing that occurs to you when you are asked to create a Japanese character is an un the Japanese flag as a uniform, which flies and causes explosions when it crashesMaybe you should remember that Pearl Harbor was a long time ago.

No, Haruo Tsuburaya, aka Kamikaze, is not a character from the 40s, but from the 90s, although he is basically a Japanese WWII fighter in the form of a person (not always). Kamikaze is a mutant, which at that time was the perfect excuse to create absurd characters with inexplicable powers.

In the case of Kamikaze, he could fly and cause explosions by touch, to which he was immune, which breaks a little the idea that we have of kamikaze; Who knows, its creators may have relied on the original meaning of the word, divine wind. Be that as it may, Kamikaze did not last long and was a collateral death in one of the many events that the X-Men experienced in the 90s.

Madame Fatal

Imagine Batman, but instead of Bruce Wayne taking inspiration from the bat he saw one night, he did so from an older lady who passed by.

Madame Fatal has the honor of being the first transvestite hero in history, when Richard Stanton decides to use his acting skills and immense fortune to fight crime dressed as a woman, after his daughter was kidnapped.

Interestingly, this is a character with many possibilities, an interesting story and a parlachn parrot (?), But could not prove his worth; During the short time that her serialization lasted, Madame Fatal did next to nothing, other than tricking some mobsters with her act until they were close enough to drive them away.

Madame Fatal ended her series without discovering her daughter’s kidnapper, although curiously his case was resolved 70 years later when the character was rediscovered on the pages of The shade.

Mr. Immortal

Is there a better power than immortality? Yes, as demonstrated by Mr. Immortal whose only power is that he cannot die. He has no super strength, no resistance, and of course he feels the pain of every death. So what remains is a character that screenwriters can kill in the bloodiest possible ways.

Okay, in this case I have to admit that I cheated and that Mr. Immortal is a prank character from the Avengers of the Great Lakes, a team made up of a flat copy of Mr. Fantstico, a guy capable of creating doors on walls and an overweight woman who can get skinny by spewing up fat. They are not there to be taken seriously, precisely.

However, they are a real team within the Marvel universe, and have collaborated with other characters like Deadpool, so to all intents and purposes, the countless deaths of Mr. Immortal count.


When a Hispanic character appears in an American superhero comic, he may belong to two different topics: either the bullfighter or the dancer.

The case of Paco Ramone, alias Vibe, is second, thanks to his shock wave powers with which it is capable of creating small earthquakes. Basically, it puts the music on so much volume that everything moves, so it’s the equivalent of that partying neighbor that we all hate.

Vibe is a character ignored by most, mainly because he was part of the call Detroit Justice League, made up of second-rate heroes(or third) when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman left the original League.

They didn’t last long, nor did they achieve much, but at least they were there until DC Comics decided to throw it all away. Vibe has died a couple of times since then (cmics stuff).

At least the character now enjoys a second youth thanks to his appearance in the TV series. Arrow and Flash.

Black bomber

But if Vibe and Kamikaze seem offensive to you, that’s because you still don’t know the story of Black Bomber, a white supremacist who hates anyone with whom he does not share the color of the skin. And that’s not the worst.

When in the Vietnam War, this racist was exposed to a chemical agent designed to infiltrate the locals, which is activated when he suffers stress; This implies thatBlack Bomber can become a black person when he screams a racist insult.

Not only that, but when it turns black it loses the memories of when it was white, and vice versa, so both personalities live a different life, with different girlfriends (of course, from their respective skin colors). And if I tell you now that all this it was DC Comics’ attempt to connect with the multiracial reality of the USAAnd what was to be the counterpoint to black Marvel characters like Black Panther, how does your body fit?

Fortunately Black bomber It was never published, although two numbers were written; but the screenwriter who was going to take care of the third, Tony Isabella, law scripted them and did everything possible to stop the edition, convincing the bosses with the following question:

REALLY want DC’s first black hero to be a bigot?

Instead of Black Bomber, DC ended up publishing Black Lightning, written by Tony Isabella and which ended up becoming one of the best-known and most historical black heroes.

As to Black Bomber, interestingly enough, ended up appearing in a cmic decades later, inJustice League of America # 26. Named Brown Bomber, he’s only there to make the joke, but it was a good guide from the ill-fated screenwriter Dwayne McDuffie (who, incidentally, was one of the most influential black writers in the comics world).