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The 5 best speed tests to measure your Internet connection

The 5 best speed tests to measure your Internet connection

The 5 best speed tests to measure your Internet connection

If you want to check if you really are receiving the internet speed for which you pay, you can do it with any of these speed tests.

It is quite frequent that the operators offer connection speeds in their contracts that later very few clients reach in real use. This may be due to the use of WiFi instead of wired connection, to network saturation or to a bad placement of the router, among other things.

But before trying to solve problems you have to know if one really exists. In this case you can check it with a speed test; These are the ones we consider the top five. Remember that before doing a test you must verify that nobody is using the network from another device to obtain reliable results

Fast: the Netflix speed test

Fast is the speed test created by Netfix and probably the simplest that exists. The only thing Fast does is measure your download speed, it does not offer other data such as upload speed, ping or vibration. To calculate your speed, download some data from Netflix’s servers. Ideal if you want a test fast and direct.

Access Fast here

Bing widget


Another easily accessible and very simple alternative is the Bing speed test. This test is integrated into the search engine in the form of a widget, so that when searching for speed test in Bing, you can directly start your speed test no need to open another page. This test offers ping, upload and download data.

Ookla speedtest

Probably the most familiar and widely used speed test. It has a web version and with application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

The test is a little slower than the ones mentioned above (nothing that gets up to the minute, in any case), but that also makes it more reliable. It offers data from upload, download and ping, as well as the server from which the data is downloaded for the test.

Access the Ookla Speedtest here

ADSLZone speed test (beta)


The ADSLZone group has created an HTML5 web speed test that is still in beta. This test offers upload, download and ping data. The interesting thing about this is that on the same page includes many tips to improve those speeds if they are not high as they should.

Access the ADSLZone speed test here


SpeedOf is another HTML5 speed test but the beta phase has long since passed, unlike the ADSLZone phase. To calculate the speed, it has 59 servers throughout the world and searches for the most convenient one for you at that moment to be able to make a test as reliable as possible. It offers upload, download and ping data, and allows you to compare with previous results.

Access SpeedOf here

What speed test do you use? Do your results achieve what you expect?