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The 10 most used programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčtoday

The 10 most used programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčtoday

The 10 most used programming languages ​​today

Programming languages ​​and code are like colors, each programmer has their tastes regarding which are better or worse, but there are some that are more used than others.

To find out what are the most used languages ​​and stop fanaticism we have gone to GitHub and we have extracted the most used programming languages ​​on the well-known platform, between 5.8 million active users and 19.4 million repositories that GitHub has.

10. Go

Go is a development of Google inspired by C and Algol that appeared in 2009, and that in addition to being used in several of Google’s production systems, it is open to anyone to play with it.

9. C

C has a whopping 44 years with us, and has forcibly become one of the most widely used programming languages ​​of all time, influencing dozens of later languages.

8. C #

C # is one of the languages ​​influenced by C, and was developed by Microsoft 16 years ago seeking to fix the flaws of the other languages.

7. CSS

CSS is not a programming language as such, but rather a language used to determine how a document written in markup language is displayed. It is known for being one of the cornerstones of the web, along with HTML and JavaScript.

6. C ++

We go back 33 years back in time with C ++, a language made for writing huge systems. The operating systems we use, all the Blizzard games, Unreal Engine, Unity, most productivity programs the list is colossal.

5. PHP

PHP is a language intended for servers, and was designed in 1995 with the principle of developing web pages with dynamic content.

4. Ruby

Not to be confused with Ruby on Rails, Ruby has 21 years behind him and has won over many programmers thanks to the simplicity that characterizes him.

3. Python

Python, a language that made its first appearance in 1991, sneaks onto the podium with the third position thanks to being an easy to read language, and because it is one of the most recommended to start programming.

2. Java

Java, that language as loved and hated by developers, has been with us for 21 years and we can find it anywhere.

1. JavaScript

The honor of being the most widely used programming language goes to a language that we cannot compile, JavaScript. It has been with us since 1995 (the same as Java, although they have nothing to do with it), and we just have to write the code and attach it to the HTML.