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TED – over 700 ideas submitted by the best speakers on the planet.

TED - over 700 ideas submitted by the best speakers on the planet.

Ted is a non-profit organization that aims to spread the ideas that try to change the world in various ways through free conferences that can be viewed on your own television channel on the Internet.

The web offers more than 700 lectures and adds more each week. These are presented by thinkers and people who perform incredible feats for up to 18 minutes.

TED speakers are individuals of the stature of Bill Gates, Al Gore, Sir Richard Branson or Isabel Allende. In addition, through the TEDFellows program, innovative people who are not known are encouraged to become part of the TED community and thus get their projects and initiatives to reach a wider population.

On the web, we can find talks classified as persuasive, witty, fascinating, inspiring, beautiful, fun and informative in areas as diverse as technology, entertainment, design, business or science.

Although the original language in which the talks are presented and disseminated is English, they are available in more than 77 languages ​​thanks to volunteer translators who are part of the project. Ted Translations, thanks to whose work we can enjoy more than 600 subtitles in Spanish.

TED is followed on Twitter ( and on Facebook by almost 500,000 people ( and all its videos can be broadcast and shared under the license Creative Commons on any website.

Link: TED