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Teambox Announces New Funding Round: $ 5 Million


We have had the opportunity to tell you about Teambox ( on multiple occasions. For those who do not know it, it is an elegant collaboration and communication platform for professional environments that has three different plans. The first is free for professional environments of up to five people, the paid versions have unlimited capacity both in hosting with the creation of projects, with the integration of chat and cloud storage services of Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, among other advantages.

All of its characteristics have allowed it to experience strong sales and customer growth, with monthly income growing over 1273% in the last two years, as announced by the company in a press release, where it highlights the new round of financing received from $ 5 million Series A led by Avalon Ventures. In this way, the total financing received rises to 7 million dollars, counting on the original investors from angel investors, including Data Collective Fund, Pat Matthews, or David Popowitz, among others.

According to Rich Levandov, belonging to Avalon Ventures:

As investments, we seek to support companies with surprising ideas that make organizations leaner, more creative and productive (…) Teambox has a great product, a strategy that allows it to stand out among its competitors and is seeing significant pull thanks to its sales model.

Teambox’s prominent clients include the BBC, AT&T operator, Groupon, Harvard University, LinkedIn and US Airways. In total, some 600,000 users belonging to some 3,500 companies use Teambox to collaborate in their fields by managing tasks, sharing files, and establishing appropriate communications with their teams. In the past two years, it has also experienced a 300% increase in paying customers, increasing user activities by about 650% since January 2012.

It seems that things are going well for the guys at Teambox, a tool that has been available for several years, having evolved during all this time to be the service it is today, in a world that is increasingly dependent on the cloud also in the area of ​​business productivity.