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Talky, a way to make videoconferences via the web, and share screen, without installing anything


The fact that several browsers are already compatible with WebRTC allows it to be possible to build much more agile and sophisticated communication tools, running within itself. browser. is a good example, a tool that allows you to create sessions (we only have to indicate a name) and distribute the link so that a group of people can communicate using their webcam and microphone, without the need for extensions, or JAVA, or any complex program on the desktop. also allows you to share the screen with other people (excellent for remote support), being necessary to select the option in the upper right menu that we show in the screenshot:

It can only work, at the moment, in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, since it uses WebRTC functions not yet available in other browsers. At you can see how this technology is being implemented in different browsers, making it clear that there is still a long way to go to create great applications using these functions.

They comment in Labnol that there are other similar solutions on the market, such as (still in closed beta) and, although this last solution only allows the conference, it does not offer the possibility of screen sharing as Talky does.

Be that as it may, it is clear that we will have to keep track of WebRTC closely, a new generation of web applications is coming.