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Synchronization of open tabs in the new Chrome beta

Synchronization of open tabs in the new Chrome beta

Google Chrome continues at an unstoppable rate incorporating all kinds of news that make life easier. That is why for a few days we have with us a new beta for Windows, Linux and Mac in which it incorporates the synchronization of the open tabs, that is, that from the same device we can access the open tabs that we have on another device These may be desktop systems and mobile devices.

Precisely in the case of Google Chrome, we can go to a new tab, and in it we will have access to a list in which we have the tabs opened by other devices, whether these are other desktop systems or even mobile devices.

In this way, we can have a series of tabs open on our personal computer system and then access from any other place with our tablet or smartphone the same tabs that we had open on our desktop system. We are even allowed to browse history both forward and backward.

Keep in mind that we already have Chrome for Android, also in beta, which also comes standard with the synchronization of tabs. In practice, any query made by any means will allow us to continue it by another means.

We only hope to have the stable version with us soon, and with the rise of the mobile Internet through laptops, smartphones and tablets, it will certainly give a lot of play.

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