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Synagram, security application for parents and children [Android]


It is not the first time nor will it be the last time that we talk about security resources to maintain control at all times of minors wherever they are. In this sense, Synagram is, as AndroidPit says, a monitoring security application, which is available on Google Play for a trial period of 7 days, having to pay afterwards $ 0.99 per device per year. The same application allows the account to be created for both the father or mother and the child, each from their respective device, finally having to match the account of the child with that of the father or mother, depending on who is going to do the monitoring.

Through the application, the son will have a list of upcoming scheduled appointments, although he will also have a button to register the places he goes to, be it the school, the thing or some other place where he must go. In addition, it has a red panic button to send the alarm signal to parents, who can know the exact location of the child, send a message or make calls.

The responsible family member, through his terminal, will be able to verify each time the son records the place he visits, although he can also make a complete follow-up of his location, as long as the son’s terminal has the GPS active. In addition, you can monitor the battery level of the child’s terminal, so that when you can it is practically exhausted, make sure that everything is under control without any setback.

Synagram can run on Android terminals from version 4.0 onwards, and is one more option for the safety and tranquility of parents, taking into account that minors usually have smart mobile terminals today, to which they can give multiple uses, and under Synagram, demonstrate your responsibility by having to register the places they visit.

Link: Synagram on Google Play