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Swype and SwiftKey release new versions, more customization and adaptation options [Android]

Teclado virtual SwiftKey

Today leaves us with the updates of two of the most important virtual keyboards in the Android world, since both Swype and SwiftKey launches their respective versions in which they basically give users more options to adapt to their own needs.

About Swype, its version 1.6 is now bilingual, so that users can use texts in the two selected languages, with automatic suggestions. Designed for those who use devices with large screens, they now have new keyboard options: split and mini. The inclusion of the Blackbird theme, the possibility of combining secondary and tertiary menus, gesture searches, the inclusion of a series of adjustments, new dictation features and accessibility support complete the list of new features in this version.

Now play SwiftKey, which in its version 4.3 takes advantage to exit the beta, includes a series of novelties, in which, at a general level, it allows adapting to the screens and dispositions of the devices. In this regard, SwiftKey has full tablet mode, thumbwriting mode, and compact mode for one-handed use. But its list of novelties also includes multiple layouts, possibility of decoupling and positioning, merging the different themes called Dark into one called Forest, rearrangement of secondary and tertiary keyboards, availability of the four course keys available on the secondary keyboard. , possibility of including a central numerical keyboard in 10-inch tablets in a horizontal position for thumb mode, etc.

Obviously, their respective versions can be obtained from now through Google Play, both the trial versions and the full, paid versions.