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Swipe available, to share slide shows for any device


Almost seven months ago we introduced you to Swipe, who was presented at the European conference of The Next Web, which was born with the intention of facilitating interactive and real-time follow-up of slide shows through any device with a modern web browser. anywhere in the world.

Today is the day chosen for its public launch, in beta phase, so any user now has the opportunity to share their presentations based on a series of elements that they can integrate by dragging it to their interface, without size or quantity limit. files during the beta, whether they are images of a series of formats (JPG / PNG / RAW), YouTube or Vimeo videos (pasting their corresponding links), AI or SVG vector files, etc., although among the supported file types it is not find PowerPoint presentations.

In this way, users will have a series of integrated contents that they can rearrange as they wish for their presentations, having the corresponding links that they will share with those other users who will monitor them from their devices. In this way, those users who are creators of their presentations, will be able to manage their presentations live from any device with Internet access at their fingertips, so that the followers users can follow in real time said presentations with which they can interact.

By default, presentations are private, although they can be shared, integrated into websites, or even track users who are following them.