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Swifty, Mac application to send emails and messages on Twitter and Facebook


When we are in front of the computer working, reading, watching videos or doing whatever, it is an undeniable truth that a good part of that time is invested in sending emails, consulting Facebook by replying to private messages or replying to messages on Twitter. To optimize the performance of these tasks on Mac we discovered Swifty, an app that will be placed in our menu bar and which we can easily access when necessary.

The application will focus on sending private messages, so we must bear in mind that we will not be able to use Swifty to post status on Facebook or to post tweets. The operation of the app, therefore, will focus on writing a message to a specific recipient in a simple write-send process, and configuring it requires only a couple of basic steps – mainly accessing our contact list to be able to send private messages and to manage permissions (although Swifty is not a too intrusive application, and we do not publish posts without permission or the like).

Useful for those who send a large number of messages a day, because Swifty does it quickly, in one click and without the need to change tabs and to have the e-mail and social networks page open. We leave you here the link to Swifty in the Mac App Store, you can download it for $ 1.99 for OS X 10.7 or higher.