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surfly, fantastic way to navigate in a group on the same page


If you want to show someone how a web page works, or navigate in a group through the resources of a site, or give assistance to a client … is a good solution that you should know.

It is an application in which we only have to indicate the url of the page that we want to share and obtain a link for us to distribute with other people.

If we want to browse the free online courses in December, for example, we can indicate the get When we disclose Among friends, everyone can participate in a browsing session on the same page, where we will see the actions of other people, as shown in the video presentation that you can see below.

Once the session has started, we can close it or invite other contacts (emails) to join it, something great for academic use.

Simple and useful, although to use it it is necessary to register informing the email and a password, being necessary to validate the email with an activation link that we will receive in the email.

We leave you with the video presentation: