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Sun365, elegant Chrome extension with weather information and weather predictions

sun365 clima google chrome

Sun365 is one of the most elegant Chrome extensions to stay on top of live weather reports and weather forecasts for the next few hours and days. Reports can be viewed in multiple spaces: in the extensions bar, in a new tab and even within the most popular sites (Facebook, Google, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, etc.).

The first thing that stands out about Sun365 is its appearance similar to that of Windows 8, with many boxes, sliding menus and elegant fonts. The following is the way in which the climate information that responds to the geographical location (previously defined through the geolocation of the PC or indicating it manually at the top) is displayed, adding to each state and time a particular wallpaper of landscapes taken directly from Flickr’s excellent photographic collection.

On the right side you will see the main bar with more advanced measurements (wind, humidity, possibilities of rain, time of sunset and sunrise) and below the button Dashboard This will allow you to fully configure the extension: external pages to be displayed, search engine to be displayed in the center of the screen (optional), icons, measurement scales, sources, wallpapers (you can also define collections of animals, plants and cars) and the colors of the theme.

At the bottom left are the buttons to take a look at the predictions for the next 18 hours and the next 10 days when you press the button, predictions accompanied by an interactive graph that will show more details as you land the cursor over different parts of the estimation area (region in blue color).

Link: Sun365 in the Chrome Web Store