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Summary of StartupBus 2013. One Startup in 72 hours


Since StartupBus ( tell us about the experience of getting several groups of entrepreneurs on a bus and allowing them to design their project in just 72 hours.

The idea is to solve real-life problems, with a design in just 72 hours. This is StartupBus and this is what this year in the III European Competition has shown again. Six countries Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Spain have tested what their best talents can achieve and the result has been indescribable.

Spain has participated with buspreneurs, a group that has managed to design and present 5 projects:

DepartDate: application that allows you to take advantage of waiting times on trips, to do business with people who are on your same flight or train. Shot Division: project that uses NFC technology on t-shirts and allows you to be connected with your friends through profiles on social networks, in addition to paying in hotels or bars. Inclinic: application that uses augmented reality technology to medicine. Moonmetrics: To monitor campaigns on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest.– Ask for a concert:, the bet of StartupBus Spain that managed to make a place for itself in the final of the Vienna Pionner Festival. It is an application that allows, through our profiles on social networks, to know the acceptance of a certain artist in a region. In this way, the organization of concerts and events is maximized, because they start from the initial demand of the public to convene it.

After a bus tour through the European geography, the destinations of the six participating countries met in Vienna with the aim of finding out which was the best talent of 2013. His name: Aiden app (Benelux), which achieved victory against seven other finalist projects: Hive (UK), Unplanned (Benelux), Size me (Fr), Feed badge (It), My Angel Care (It), To Done (UK) and Ask for a concert (En).

Aiden app is an application that is committed to speeding up and improving the treatment of people with depression (more than 83 million in Europe, according to their data). His greatest award, the experience he has lived, in addition to being able to present his project to Silicon Valley.

Now, to wait until 2014, when we will inform you first hand, as Media Partners.