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Study on SMEs and freelancers on the Internet in 2013


Since hibu They send us a study that they have carried out to better understand the reality of SMEs and freelancers on the internet, a study that, among other things, shows that optimism increases (75% of SMEs and freelancers think that 2014 will be better or equal for their business), that 21% of SMEs and the self-employed already have an exclusively online business, equal to the percentage in the United States, and that the number of professionals and companies that invest in advertising grows, reaching 63% of the total.

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The objective of the study is, on the one hand, to define the economic role of SMEs in Spain.

It is necessary to contextualize what the situation of these companies is: weight in the country’s GDP, what is their labor force, how important are they by Autonomous Community and by economic sector.

On the other hand, the aim is to determine what is the level of confidence of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the situation in the short term (within 1 year) and over the long term (within 3-5 years), as well as analyzing where it is the transition of the SME to the online environment (technological equipment, internet access, creation of a web page, online services they offer, integration of electronic commerce, participation in Social Networks, advertising investment, etc.).

The study, which can be viewed at, is accompanied by this explanatory video: