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At we have a wonder that every LEGO fan should always bookmark.

It is a free, open source program that allows us, on Windows and Mac, to design and build with virtual LEGO pieces, integrated with bricklink so that it is easy to order real pieces so that they arrive home and we can create with plastic what that we did with the PC.

Dragging and dropping the pieces we can create practically anything, and the precision is amazing, since it uses a CAD system that allows the elements to be positioned through a coordinate system.

It is possible to import LDraw or LDD elements, as well as build with friends in real time, since it has a multi-user function compatible with up to 3 other builders using a peer-to-peer network.

Integration with the BrickLink catalog and market allows us to verify if there is a color for a certain part, or to see the price of each element, in order to know the final price of what we are designing. Once the model is complete, we can add it to a wish list and order the parts, as well as upload it to the gallery so that anyone can admire it from the portal.

More than a year ago we published the article Projects for LEGO lovers, without a doubt this cannot be missing from such a list.