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Street View adds a route across the River Thames

Ro Tmesis

Since its inception, Google Street View has allowed us to walk virtually through many cities in the world at the road level, although it has also been offering routes through other types of spaces for some time, such as pedestrian spaces within the cities themselves, within emblematic and interesting places , or even within natural environments through their own trails, among others.

Today we are surprised with the inclusion of a route of 360 images taken at river level, precisely through the River Tmesis, in central London, by means of a route made by boat, and which enables users to see places of interest London, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, or even the tate Modern art gallery.

There are many opportunities we have had to tell you about the expansion of Google Street View, offering us images of places beyond the views at road level, where we can visit Museums such as the Lamborghini, know monuments of India, the places of interest of Colombia, know the landscapes of Peru, visit the Galpagos Islands, or visit some important zoos in the world.

Without a doubt, Google Street View is becoming a complete showcase of interactive interactive imagery world routes that allows us to orient ourselves and get a better idea of ​​the different places in the world from different perspectives, and that any time is good to give us some other surprise, like today.

It should be noted that Google Street View is not alone, since Bing has Bing StreetSide, or even India has wonobo, although due to experience and design, Street View is the best known and easiest to use of all similar services.