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Streamus, YouTube music player in Chrome with radio mode


If we are big fans of listening to music and we tend to create music charts and discover new artists that inspire us, we have plenty of services and tools to make our task easier: Spotify, Grooveshark, Rdio … Still, many of us continue to use YouTube to listen to songs and create lists, because it is rare not to find an album or song on the platform that we want to listen to.

So, if we want to continue using the service to create our music lists and we have Chrome, it is highly advisable to consider installing the Streamus extension. This allows us to carry out various actions that will make it easier for us to play music from YouTube, such as (and perhaps the most notable) the possibility of accessing our song lists on YouTube without opening a tab in the browser and without having to enter on

So we will simply use a pop-up to access our music, from which we can also create and play lists. It will be next to the URL bar where we will see the button to open the pop-up, which will show us a list manager on the left and playback controls in the upper right. When it comes to radio mode, we can use it as a way to discover related music as this mode will add similar songs to our current playlist.

The extension is in beta, so if you find any bugs they will probably be fixed when the final version comes out. You can download this Chrome extension for free by clicking on this link.