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Users who are active on Twitter follow other tweeters for different reasons, whether for the topics they deal with, for being friends at work, for being part of groups in which we are integrated or many others. The truth is that Twitter is consolidating itself with a fast means of communication, where each of us can be senders and receivers of tweets. And close to us, just like anywhere on the map, there are users who send their own tweets, and also, these may be geolocated as configured.

To see the tweets that have been produced near us or in any other part of the world, we can install the application, which will show us a map in which to show the avatars of the tweeters who have recently published their updates along with the number of them. In this way, we can see the conversations and messages that have occurred near us, thanks to geolocation, as well as anywhere else, where we are also allowed to reply to them.

Can you imagine someone complaining about the traffic at a certain time near our neighborhood? Well, we can enter into debate by being able to answer what we think is most appropriate.

We can change the map view to satellite and vice versa, in addition to being able to filter tweets by words or images. We can also identify ourselves with our Twitter account and send tweets in a geolocated way according to the position we are in. is available for both iOS and Android terminals, adapted to work on smartphones like in tablets.

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