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Start a free MOOC for entrepreneurs and a Project Management workshop


From the Mercosur Virtual School they tell us that the MOOC is starting Transversal Competences of the Entrepreneur, a free online course that we can access through the network.

The idea of ​​this course will offer you knowledge that allows you to put into practice a business idea, working the entrepreneurial spirit and supporting initiatives to create new projects. The figure of the entrepreneur will be defined and the necessary skills that identify the profile of the entrepreneur will be developed. Be able to analyze the phases of development and the available support tools.

The course has an EVM certificate for students from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

At the same time the workshop will be developed Project Management applied to SMEs, also available on the Mercosur Virtual School website.

The workshop begins on November 4 and ends on November 12. Its objective is to define, under the PMI Project Management methodology, the key points in the management of an SME, as well as to review available tools for project management, always analyzing best practices and consulting project management computer applications existing in the market.

You can see more courses of this School in this list, published on its website.