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Sqwiggle now offers teams of up to three members for free


Sqwiggle is one of the existing platforms today to facilitate collaboration and communication for workgroups, which we already presented to you in its alpha phase launch more than a year ago. Currently, it uses its Everest version launched in October, which further facilitates collaboration and communication, allowing you to open both the contact list and a chat area on the left side of the screen, where you can even add different types of elements including files by simply dragging them into the interface itself.

The platform itself has its own web version as well as its desktop version for Mac computers, and to use this application, you need to have email accounts under your own domain, both for registration and for the invitation of the rest of members to participate within the team itself. The free use of this platform was limited to the use of the test version that was offered after registration, although as they have indicated in their blog this week, Sqwiggle has just made a change now allowing teams of up to three members to be available. free, considering that the inclusion of each member costs 9 dollars a month, something that from now on teams with more than three members will pay.

The announcement of the novelty is quite short, although as we can see on its blog, continuous improvements have been made since the launch of this version, allowing everything from viewing conversations in full screen to the possibility of uploading and sharing files, a novelty also included this very week that is already ending.

It can be said that Sqwiggle has been evolving in recent months until reaching the platform that is today.