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Springpad 3.0 – total renewal, between Evernote and Pinterest and with collaborative functions

Springpad 3.0 - total renewal, between Evernote and Pinterest and with collaborative functions

On some other occasion we have referred to Springpad due to the novelties that its service has presented to us throughout its life, acting as a container of curated content that we find throughout the web, and that we can save in an organized way. Springpad has seen the need to reform its service in depth so as not to lose users and keep up to date in terms of design and functionality.

That is why today Wednesday has just launched its version 3.0, a profound renovation in which it will be located between Evernote and Pinterest, taking functionalities and visual elements from both together with collaborative functionalities in the style of Google Docs.

Although its brand is not exempt from technical problems, these are some of the novelties that this new version presents to users. The visual aspect of the application is completely renewed, very much in the vein of Pinterest and with a new smartbar that allows the use of semantic searches, allowing access to products or places that we can include in the notebooks created. Also, creating notes through the smart bar we can create reminders, alarms or leave it as notes.

And in the field of collaborative functions, Springpad allows users to add other users within the notebooks created so that they can collaborate in the curation of their content, being able to add new notes or edit existing notes, saving the history of the activity carried out. Notebooks can be public, accessible by invitation only, or completely private. And like on Pinterest, we can keep track of the notebooks generated by other users individually.

Springpad not only updates its web version but also updated its mobile applications, both for Android and iOS, where the improvements made will be reflected. Despite the initial drawbacks, we hope that throughout today it will become stable in its operation, which will allow us to access with our account already created or using third-party services.

Link: Springpad | Goes: VentureBeat