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Spots synchronizes the information of our device on Android with Chrome


If we want to give our mobile device a break while browsing from our computer, but we don’t want to miss any calls or messages, we can take into account Spots.

It allows us to synchronize with Chrome the applications, as well as text messages and call notifications that we have on our Android device. To start using Spots we just have to install the application on our mobile as well as in the browser.

Once we have logged in with our Facebook or Google account, the synchronization process begins. In Chrome we will see all the information we mentioned when opening a new page. We will notice that it has completely changed by presenting some options to personalize the space, as well as all the information necessary to keep track of our messages and calls.

The favorites that we have saved in the browser, the applications, as well as a series of games that we can enjoy both from Chrome and from the device will also be integrated. On the mobile we can use it as a launcher, where we will have direct access to the main contacts, the applications we use the most, among other details.

It has several interesting options that allow us to give it a personal touch and adapt the dynamics of Spots to our criteria.