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Spotify will offer a lossless high-quality music subscription

Spotify will offer a lossless high-quality music subscription

Spotify will offer a lossless high-quality music subscription

Getting high-quality music on Spotify soon won’t be a fantasy; Does Tidal tremble?

One of the main reasons not to use a music streaming service is the sound quality.

Internet needs more streaming services for audiophiles

It is true that with the improvement of the connections this problem is less and less serious; but there is no doubt that if you are one of those who can distinguish between MP3 quality and FLAC quality, you have few options. Tidal is one of the few services that offers music without loss, little more.

Now it seems that we can enjoy high quality music on Spotify, although we will have to pay for it; that’s when we will see how much we prefer additional quality.

The service will be called, appropriately, Spotify Hi-Fi; It has been filtered by reddity users of Twitter, to whom the offer has appeared while using the app.

Spotify Hi-Fi, high-quality music on Spotify

In Spotify Hi-Fi we can enjoy the following:

  • Lossless CD quality sound
  • Exclusive pre-sale of concert tickets.
  • Discounts on limited edition vinyl.
  • A free vinyl.
  • In addition, we will have access to all the functionalities of a Premium account.

Spotify calls this the ultimate music experience. However, it appears that this service is not yet ready to go.

The users to whom the offer appeared they couldn’t hire her, and an error message appeared.

Not only that, but the cost of the service has not yet been decided. The message is not the same for all users, with different prices than they are around 5 to 10 additional dollars a month.

The difference probably serves to check which prices attract the most attention to customers; if they click Upgrade, they are probably willing to pay that price. In addition, the included extras, such as free vinyl, are also different for each user.

In addition, a survey received a few weeks ago by some users included the question of whether they would be willing to pay $ 5 more for superior sound quality.

Therefore, in the worst case, the high quality music service on Spotify It could cost about 20 dollars in total; the same as Tidal charges for its Hi-Fi music service.

At the moment, this is only evidence; but it is already known that if the river sounds in high quality, clear water carries.