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Spotify is working on its own voice activation for its app

Configuración de Spotify

Users are getting used to setting voice commands to our own devices to obtain a series of actions in return, which helps us receive a series of experiences without having to physically go to our own devices, allowing us to focus on other tasks.

Currently, we can set commands to the Google Assistant, to Alexa, to Siri if we are on an iPhone, among other virtual assistants. But the variety of voice assistants available has not been enough for the music streaming platform and on-demand podcasts Spotify, finding itself working to enable users set voice commands with your own activation command.

In this sense, as I discovered Jane Manchun Wong Hidden in the application, Spotify is working to meet user requests starting through a Hey Spotify.

At the moment, for what is known to date, it will be necessary that the application is already open and available on the screen, which reduces the usefulness of having to use your own voice commands.

Obviously, and as we have already mentioned before other discoveries, there is always the possibility that Spotify can go backwards and not offer this feature to end users.

However, we must remember that, as we have previously discussed, Spotify is working on its own car transmission device, Car Thing, which would allow management through its own virtual assistant, although the company warned at the time that It does not have plans for its commercialization, being available at the moment for a small number of users.

Perhaps in the automotive field if it can make more sense, although of course, many actions on Spotify can already be dictated by voice directly through the virtual assistants that we all know.

Perhaps Spotify has ambitious plans in the future that we do not yet know, and given the rise of smart speakers, for now we are left to speculate with many possibilities that we could see in the future.

Image credit: Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter