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Spacedeck, create and edit visual documents collaboratively


Productivity tools aimed at making presentations, editing documents, managing teams, working remotely, etc. They are a great pillar in the content published on Wwwhatsnew, where we believe that the technologies available to us today completely change the landscape when it comes to working in a more optimal and effective way.

Spacedeck is one of those tools that we can use in this context. With this collaboration tool we will be able to create, edit and review documents and graphics together with other colleagues in real time, using the tools integrated in the Spacedeck itself to perform any desired action (integrate text, any graphic elements, etc.).

Design a product, do sessions brainstorming, touch up the interface of an application, read a presentation or talk about the document, these and many more are the applications that we can give to this tool.

The documents that can be viewed in Spacedeck range from images to text and sound documents. All of them will be saved and synchronized in the Spacedeck of each user, which will also allow us to have the information up to date and updated, wherever we are whenever we can access our account.

We can use Spacedeck either in the browser or through mobile applications. In this link you have the apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and here you can check the different plans and prices of the service -we have a somewhat limited free version, a Pro for 4.99 and a Pro for Teams for 6.99 each user.