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Space Monkey or how to bring Dropbox to your house, literally

space monkey

Regarding file storage, there is no doubt that cloud services are the first place, at least at this time. Dropbox, Box and others of its kind offer us access to our files from almost any device and anywhere by hosting the files on external servers that safeguard these companies. But what if those servers fail, and if we have no connection or is the GB limit we have paid not enough to save everything we need?

Space Monkey is an interesting and recent startup It provides a brilliant solution to those problems: a physical hard drive (the one in the image) for which we will pay a rent of $ 10 a month to have at home. Of course it is not just any disk, in addition to 1 TB of space, it is a kind of portable Dropbox that will also make it possible to use the files anywhere, but with the advantage that no connection is required to have them in House.

The second part of its innovation is in the protocol it uses to share files in the BitTorrent style that optimizes the download speed and minimizes the risk of inaccessibility. If the network fails, there will be no problem because we have them locally hosted; If the disk fails, there will be no problem because we will have them thanks to the P2P network on which its operation is based. Great, right?

The first records are already being shipped but they warn that only until the summer of 2012 will they open their doors to the general public. On your home page you can send the email account and the name to stay informed.

Link: Space Monkey | Goes: CNET and Genbeta