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Space Math offers math lessons from NASA


Right here at Wwwhatsnew, we have taught you dozens of math resources at various levels, from the most elementary to courses for more advanced students or focused on solving complex problems. Most of them are quality, but they are still generic math lessons.

For those looking for a resource that teaches more applied or thematic mathematics, it is mandatory to keep an eye on Space Math. We discovered it thanks to FreeTech4Teachers, and we talked about a website belonging to NASA that contains student-oriented math lessons, with chapters suitable for a level from the last years of elementary school to high school and high school.

The available materials (a gem if we are math teachers and we are looking for material) are based on PDFs in which we can access various guidelines to teach the lessons in a correct and effective way, with the addition that includes recommending some videos from NASA eClips for that the little ones (from 6 to 8 years old) do not get lost and understand everything better. All PDFs and exercises can be searched by course or by subject, depending on how we want to approach the lesson.

Because not only does intelligence or the correct teaching of mathematics matter to learn them well, but also motivation, each lesson will relate to different real missions that NASA carries out or has carried out, which will provide us with subject lessons integrated with activity in space.