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soundrown, to create custom ambient sounds


The most faithful of you surely remember the entry Websites to listen to relaxing sounds that we published in 2012, where we found wonders such as, for example, that allows us to mix sounds of nature and create unique pieces for our moments of meditation and concentration.

Now we find a new protagonist in this category: Soundrown, a website that allows you to select sounds and mix the intensity of each one of them. There are fewer options than in soundsleeping, but they bet a lot on the quality and on the design of the web.

At the moment there are ten types of environmental sounds: coffee maker, waves, rain, fire … we can activate or deactivate them with the mouse and let it play as background, always being possible to increase or decrease the volume of each channel. At first we see only five, but we can expand the list by clicking on the side arrows.

Very recently we told you about Coffivity and its proposal to simulate that we are inside a coffee maker, something that, according to some specialists, can help increase productivity and creativity. Now we see that the trend of creating custom background noise continues to rise. It seems that we will continue to expand the category of ambient sounds for a long time.

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