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Soundrop brings a series of novelties for the Christmas holidays


We have already spoken to you on several occasions about Soundrop (, the service that allows us to enjoy music themed rooms within a series of music streaming services. Such is the evolution, and above all, such is the work done recently, that they have anticipated Christmas gifts bringing a package of novelties to the users of this service, starting with the launch of the mobile application for the Android platform, which offers support for premium Spotify and Deezer accounts so that users can identify themselves with these accounts to access the thematic music rooms where they participate. The mobile application for Android is freely available on Google Play for terminals Android 4.0 onwards.

In addition to the mobile application for Android, Soundrop now has two listening modes, both the existing Live mode and the new Top Tracks mode, which will offer the 50 best musical themes throughout the history of each room, which will be determined weekly by those topics that most users have highlighted in their Spotify lists since listening to them in the same rooms. Users can follow any playlist of the most prominent songs for offline listening or even from their mobile devices.

The ability to easily view and confirm attendances to future events, even allowing room creators to create events, the related rooms tab to find rooms similar to rooms in which the same music is participated and listened to, and The launch of the Insights section, which provides room creators with a series of reports, indicating a series of metrics such as the number of plays, unique listeners, number of tracks highlighted as favorites, number of tracks added, and number of tracks votes, make up the rest of the news that Soundrop offers its users, taking advantage of the free time that Christmas holidays offer them.

For Soundrop CEO Jorn Haanaes, it’s better to give than to receive, and they’re even content to give their users something to enjoy on vacation.