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Sony launches Playstation app for iOS and Android


A couple of days after the expected PlayStation 4 console is available in stores, we read on Mashable about the new application available in the iTunes and GooglePlay stores, Sony’s official app that will allow players to access their PlayStation Network from their device.

Compatible with smartphones and tablets, the Sony app allows us to access the PlayStation Network from anywhere to chat with our friends on that network, compare achievements and trophies, see the latest connections from our contacts and see what they were playing, keep an eye on alerts received, receiving notifications or invitations for various games, etc.

If what we want is a more active interaction with our games and online stores, we can even buy different add-ons and games from the application that we will see available on our console when we get home, the latter being a good way to optimize time.

Last but not least, the Playstation application will allow us to use our mobile as a keyboard if we connect it to the PS4 and also from the app we will be able to read guides, manuals and various additional material related to the console.

Let’s remember that PlayStation 4 will be available in stores from the day after tomorrow in the USA, and from November 29 in Europe and Australia. It will be later, in December, when it will be available in countries such as Saudi Arabia or Korea. You can download the PlayStation application on this link to iTunes if you are iOS users, and on this link to GooglePlay if you prefer the Android version.