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Some useful sites for Android users


To make up for the streak of iPhone apps that are being seen around here, I leave you with a list of sites that Android users can take advantage of. You can see more by looking at by Android Apps.

– ranked list of applications available for Android. Each application has a short description, with the download link and screenshots to show its content, as well as the possibility to vote and comment on the software.

– AndroLib: recommended by our collaborator Sandra Hernan, it is a good place to find applications and games for Android: free, paid, new, improved, trial.

In all imaginable languages ​​you can browse and get to know each and every one of the applications and / or games on the market or choose to visit only the Top of the day list. It also contains videos, statistics, wallpapers, news, and a forum where you can ask questions and find the answer you were looking for.

– A project that aims to gather all the news about the Android system on the same page, where each news can be voted in the best digg style.

– A directory that has almost 800 perfectly classified free Android applications.

– Google App Inventor: Recent Google tool to create applications for Android without having to know how to program. Previously discussed here.

– SlideScreen: A home page for your Android phone. We can drag the records to modify their priority, synchronize with Gmail, show SMS, call summaries … all with a suite of applications among which are twitter and Facebook clients.

– Audio and video player that we can install for free on any Android phone with version 1.6 or higher.

– Create a virtual store for iPhone, iPad or Android. We can manage the content of the store from the web, each update will be synchronized with the applications that customers have installed on their devices, the entire process being free.

– Wikitude Drive: it allows us to see the routes recommended by the GPS above the image that the camera is capturing.

– an application recommendation system for iPhone / iPod, Android and Blackberry. After completing the profile, you can start to discover new applications that, by being marked as favorites, help the algorithm to offer suggestions adapted to your tastes.

I invite you now to be a little more 2.0 and increase the list in the comments.