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Some practical ideas for using the interactive Pinterest map


A few days ago the Pinterest team announced the Place Pins that allow us to integrate an interactive map to our boards. It is a great idea that, combined with other Pinterest features, can be useful to us on more than one occasion.

We can integrate additional notes and each of the pins will receive a number to be shown on the map while we selectively scroll through the rest of the content.

Some ideas that we can take into account if we want to give this tool a chance:

Create a tourist guide. Whether we are planning a trip or friends come to visit our city, we can create with the help of the interactive map a tour of the places of interest.

Follow an event. We can mark with the Place Pins all the locations of the next recitals of our favorite artist, the places where the Dakar Rally will be held, the venues where the 2014 World Cup will be played, etc.

To promote our business. It is only a matter of being creative, for example we can indicate the different branches of our company, or if we have a real estate agency indicate the properties for sale, places of reference, etc.

As an educational tool. We can indicate on the map historical reference points for collaborative work, educational places that are planned to travel during the year, references to assign tasks, among others.

To cultivate a hobby For example, we can mark from nature reserves, automobile museums to the oldest wineries in the world.

Create a creative resume. We can create a timeline marking the places where we have studied, work references, our trips. Remembering that we can also add notes on each Pin to expand the information.

Mark places of interest. We can make lists from places that we plan to visit those that respond to a need, such as restaurants suitable for coeliacs to take them into account in our trips.

It can be a more than interesting tool for a host of activities, which we can customize at our discretion.