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SocialBro launches Rules Wizard, to manage our work on Twitter

SocialBro ( presents a new tool on its platform created to facilitate the management of daily tasks on Twitter.

The Rules Wizard allows create rules to execute automatic actions at certain times, helping companies to dedicate themselves to what cannot be done automatically: interact with users. From receiving a personalized direct welcome message, using criteria such as location or interests, to the automatic inclusion of new users to certain lists, the assistant is born to manage the account without the need to invest time in bureaucracy.

This last point is especially interesting, since we can include users who talk about our brand in previously created lists, as long as they belong to a specific region. It is possible, for example, to have a list called people from Madrid who talked about my brand and let it update itself, being ideal for identifying potential customers and having their contact details on hand for possible future campaigns.

Content adaptation, interaction and personalization are the three pillars of success on Twitter, which is why this type of tool is welcome.

We leave you with the presentation video so that you can know better what it offers: