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Social Hiking, sharing your adventures and excursions on Google Maps


We discovered via Google Maps Mania the Social Hiking website, a smart application that creates a map of our excursions with the corresponding links to our Twitter, Facebook and various social media posts automatically inserted in the route we are on.

Beyond the basic function of Social Hiking (based on mapping routes and excursions either in real time or once at home with the data saved by the GPS), the application will include data from various social sites such as Twitter, Twitpic, Audioboo , Flickr, Qik and iPadRadio using pins that will join the path. The route will be displayed on a Google Map and show all kinds of data on the terrain that we are exploring or have explored, such as the elevation of the terrain. We can create a permanent map URL to share the information with our contacts whenever we want.

On the website, we can also visit the Browse Maps and Browse Routes sections. In both sections we can navigate dozens of routes published by other users with all kinds of additional elements on them, including photographs, names of adventurers in twitter and details about his tour.

As a conclusion, Social Hiking will not only serve us to share our own routes but to discover suggestions and excursions made by other users of the community, as long as we like to take a backpack and leave the house for adventure (but with a planned route, of course) .