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Social Geowars, to create competitions and generate economic benefits


They write to us from Geotap Games to present their new competition platform in the form of an application for iOS and Android, called Social Geowars, an app that allows mobile minigames to be used so that users create competitions and participate in them, being able to earn financial benefits in the process -all depending on the income generated by the competition.

Competitions are based on winning challenges against other players based on various mini-games, available to play in the mobile app linked at the end of this article. There will be seven mini-games, although more will be added to the collection in the coming months, each with different characteristics (for example, some will use augmented reality). Any user can create a competition in the applications, and start successive one-on-one matches until they reach a winner. We can add basic data in the competition indicating in it the playing conditions, the theme, who you want to face (for example, we can do a competition between players from Bara and Madrid), whether it will be open or private or whether or not it will have a prize .

According to the profits generated by the competition, Social Geowars will share these 50% with the creator of the competition, who will be able to claim the money starting from 100 euros of profit.

Social Geowars will soon be increasing its functionalities, and adding a chat panel, customization of mini-games and the possibility of sharing events with Facebook friends. We leave you here the links to the application on iOS and Android.