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Soccer Results, the growth of an application that brings soccer to your mobile


What you see above is the growth of the football results applications from April to November this year, applications that are distributed in three versions:

– Android: https: // Id =

– Free iPhone: https: //

– Payment iPhone: https: // Mt = 8

They started in May this year with 1 million monthly impressions, having achieved 35 million in the last month of November.

The games of the day, the status of all of them, transfer news, competitions of various leagues, calendars, scorers, assists, rankings, forecasts, lineup, history of matches, comments … there are few applications as complete as those of this project that, reporting every minute, it is capable of multiplying by 35 the number of impressions made in such a short time.

Manuel Gutirrez is their manager, who tells us that they opted for the development of the system without the use of frameworks so as not to suffer the limitations that they often impose, thus having native applications for the two main mobile operating systems on the market.