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So you can download all your Chrome accounts and passwords

Chrome 57 improves your power consumption, download it now

Chrome 57 improves your power consumption, download it now

Chrome has a built-in method that allows you download all your passwords Now you can activate it.

The Internet browser is probably the program or application that we use the most every day, whether we are on our personal computer or from a mobile device. Chrome, for its part, is the most used worldwide and, thanks to the synchronization with our Google account, we can find a lot of it, a lot of personal information.

Thanks to the built-in password manager, Chrome you can save accounts with which we access all kinds of services and thus save us having to write them every time. There is an option hidden to export them all in one document.

How to export accounts and passwords from Chrome


For download all your chrome passwords The first thing to do is activate an option of the Chrome flags. We have already spoken on other occasions about the Flags page, it is an advanced panel in which we can activate or deactivate browser options, but always with careful what is touched.

For this case, we need to enter:

chrome: // flags / # password-import-export

Just copy and paste that in the Chrome address bar and you will see the option to Import and export passwords, this is valid in Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS.

You will have the Default option selected, change it to Enabled and restart the browser from the option that will appear:

Once restarted, the next step is to enter the Chrome Menu, Settings and open the advanced configuration options. In the Passwords section you will have the option to Manage passwords And, within the box that appears, you will see the Export and Import:


We just click on To export (it will surely ask you to confirm the computer’s password as a security measure) and voila, it will automatically download a CSV file with the accounts, users, passwords and services to which they belong.

What is the use of this? Well, for example it can be used to put safely all our passwords, it is also useful to import the settings to another browser (remember that with Chrome your Google account would be enough to synchronize everything) or also, a very useful destination of this backup can be for block them into a new password manager that you are going to use: